Surprised by the Voice of God

Francis Schaeffer was one of the most respected and admired evangelicals of the twentieth century.  The following is a story his wife, Edith, recounted of a remarkable happening that took place early in his ministry.

Francis and his young family faced a crisis, they needed temporary accommodation during a transition time but had very little money.  While Francis was praying about this, he said to God, "Where can we live, Lord?  Please show us."  Immediately, in response to his question, he heard an audible voice.  It wasn't simply a voice within his mind, it was as if another person had spoken.  It simply said, "Uncle Harrison's house."

Uncle Harrison had never given the Schaeffer family anything, and they reckoned that it would be very unlikely he would offer his house to live in.  Yet because the voice had been so startling and direct he felt that he had better obey it and ask his uncle.

He wrote to his uncle, asking him what he intended to do with his house for the next year.  To his astonishment he uncle replied that he planned to live with his brother for the next year and would like to offer the Schaeffer's free of rent for a year.

This proved to be a turning point in the Scheaffer's lives, and later Edith would say the clarity of that voice helped them through one of their most difficult years.